Why Buy Dragon Medical from Logan Solutions?

Expert Training, Set-up & Consultation

While pricing of Dragon Medical is comparable among most software companies, the benefits to buying from Logan Solutions and other companies are our technical expertise, clinical experience and service after the sale. Logan Solutions has the first-hand experience of clinicians who truly understand your practice’s workflow, know the importance of outstanding clinical documentation and provide the attention to detail  necessary for exceptional patient care and the success of your practice.  

Technical Expertise and Actual Clinical Experience

Enhanced with Dragon Medical software, your EMR will deliver significant improvements in productivity, profitability and patient care.

Dragon Medical helps physicians, nurse practitioners and other clinicians efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record. Logan Solutions combines actual clinical experience with an understanding of technology for optimization and training services designed to help your practice get the most from its EMR and voice recognition software with less time and stress. 

100% Success Rate

Our decade of experience has shown that most physicians are spending more time than ever at the office and productivity gains haven't materialized after implementing an EMR. They become even more frustrated when Dragon Medical doesn’t deliver desired results stemming from language and word-recognition issues. Given unlimited amounts of time and patience, physicians could certainly improve their EMR and Dragon Medical outcomes. But, most physicians would rather be seeing patients. 

We have a 100% implementation success rate because we know that no two practices are the same and we work tirelessly to understand the uniqueness of your practice before implementing a plan to improve results.

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