Medical Practices Need a HIPAA Solution That's Simple, Effective and Affordable

The HIPAA regulations were updated in September 2013 and there's more to know (and do!) than under the previous rules. (Learn more from our webinar.) Among other things, you are required to do an annual HIPAA risk assessment and have updated business associate agreements in place for all the people and businesses that access your protected health information (PHI).

Unfortunately, for covered entities like physician practices, this amounts to an unfunded mandate. You don't get paid to do it. And, doing it won't make any money for you. But, if you don't comply with the HIPAA regulations, there are potential consequences. That's what a dermatology practice in Massachusetts found out when CMS fined them $150,000 after a breach.

Why Do A HIPAA Risk Assessment?

There are many reasons to do an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment. At the top of the list are:

  • Minimize the chances of a breach (and subsequent hefty fine)
  • You are required to under the Meaningful Use program

MU audits are already happening. If you certify that you performed a security risk assessment and you can't prove it, then you risk losing the money paid to you through the Meaningful Use program. Thankfully, Logan Solutions has a simple program for performing a risk assessment and maintaining your HIPAA compliance throughout the year.

Introducing HIPAA My Way

HIPAA My Way from Logan Solutions is the complete package for performing the required annual HIPAA risk assessment. Your annual subscription includes:

  • Web-based tool for performing a complete and accurate risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Reduced price for HIPAA policy templates that you can use to create procedures for your practice
  • Printable summary of findings
  • Simple, web-based training from HIPAA experts at Logan Solutions 
  • Professional services to complete the risk assessment
  • Simplified risk assessment process in subsequent years (with paid subscription)
  • Product support

What Else Might I Need

The HIPAA risk assessment will reveal the risks that exist in your organization. You'll have to do some work to mitigate those risks, possibly including:

  • Business associate agreements
  • Policies and procedures to address specific HIPAA requirements in your practice
  • Secure email communication
  • Secure text messaging
  • Consulting services

Logan Solutions can help with each of these, starting with HIPAA policy and procedure templates available from our webstore.