Developing a viable treatment plan for your patients is time-consuming. You spend hours reviewing studies, querying databases, making phone calls, and talking to colleagues, and you still may not find the right path.  

All you want to do is find that one life-changing treatment that will help your patient. 

If there was an easier, faster way to identify treatment options, without sacrificing quality of care, would you be interested?

With ePatientFinder, it’s possible. This revolutionary, three-tiered platform filters the signal from the noise. Our concierge care application: 

  • Enables you to prioritize overwhelming amounts of treatment information presented by sales reps and healthcare professionals
  • Provides treatment relevant to your specific patient base
  • Supplies treatment information in a clear, concise and consistent format


no software or hardware to buy
no interface fees
and, the service is free


ePatientFinder works with your existing EHR to identify patients for FDA-approved clinical trials and preventive procedures. The powerful, HIPPA-compliant tool empowers physicians with the ability to connect patients to effective treatments fast. 

Patient Benefits

  • Access to life-changing treatment options, previously unknown to their physician
  • Essential for chronic conditions with low standards of care like Alzheimer’s, hypertension and diabetes
  • Free medical care from clinical trials
  • Potential compensation for clinical trial participation

Physician Benefits

  • Increased patient satisfaction and engagement
  • Additional revenue from existing patient base
  • Increased knowledge of cutting-edge medical advances
  • Ability to proactively identify patients who would benefit from preventative treatments
  • Diversification of income and less reliance on difficult insurance companies

Patients want to know that their physician is considering all treatment options when making a decision about their care. ePatientFinder makes it easy to keep up with the thousands of newly FDA-approved procedures and clinical trials available to your patients. 

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