Now That You Have eClinicalWorks, How Will You Use It?

Did you buy eClinicalWorks, then have a poor implementation and now wonder how you'll recover? Our clinical workflow knowledge is unparalleled. Unlike the billing and technology companies who try to understand how a medical practice functions, Logan Solutions has real clinical experience. Our healthcare professionals are also eClinicalWorks experts.

eClinicalWorks Optimization from Clinical Documentation Experts

Our ten years as an eClinicalWorks reseller and certified training partner gave us unique insight into the eClinicalWorks company and it's products. We've also learned which features are best used in different scenarios and which should be left alone. And, we've shared that knowledge with customers throughout the country to help them achieve what was originally promised.

Make no mistake, eClinicalWorks is good software. And, you can do a lot with it. But, it often takes someone with experience in the clinical setting and extensive knowledge of the software to make it happen.

We’d been just getting by with eClinicalWorks for more than 3 years. As the practice got busier, our frustration with eClinicalWorks got worse. I almost quit out of frustration, but I didn’t because to start all over again with a new system would have been too painful.

I found Logan Solutions. We bought Dragon Medical and 3 days of eClinicalWorks optimization. It is such a relief to finally use the software in a more customized, efficient and medically intelligent way. Not only are the notes written faster, but with Dragon, the content is much richer.

On the third day, I had a normal clinic day and I finished all my documentation and electronic orders (e-prescribing/labs/tests) before 5 pm. My wife was happy that I got home so early.
— Leonard Liang, MD, Transplant Surgeon and Urologist, Los Angeles, CA

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