Dragon Medical Practice Edition Training and Consulting

Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the leading voice recognition solution for practices with 1-24 physicians. With 90-95% recognition accuracy out of the box, it doesn't take long before Dragon Medical Practice Edition makes clinical documentation with your EMR better than it was on paper. 

Although Dragon Medical Practice Edition is simple to use and powerful, training from our clinical documentation experts will lessen the learning curve and make you productive right from the start. Don't struggle with Dragon. Let us teach you the lessons we've learned over the past 10 years and alleviate the pain and challenges of learning another technology.

We have four objectives for your Dragon Medical training:

  1. Demonstrate excellent voice recognition accuracy
  2. Know the proper method for correcting Dragon Medical misrecognition errors
  3. Know how to create custom macros to speed data entry
  4. Understand how to use Dragon with your EMR

Logan Solutions also provides these Dragon Medical Practice Edition consulting services:

  • Dragon roaming user profile setup
  • Data distribution configuration (commands and/or word lists)
  • Group training
  • Train-the-trainer program for larger practices with a dedicated Dragon Medical support staff

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