Los Angeles Rheumatology Practice Benefits FromLogan Solutions EMR Consulting

Dr. R. Swamy Venuturupalli

Dr. R. Swamy Venuturupalli

For the past ten years, Dr. R. Swamy Venuturupalli, a board certified rheumatologist, has held a private practice in Los Angeles in association with a group of rheumatologists.  In response to Meaningful Use requirements, Dr. Venuturupalli implemented an EMR.  However, several months after its implementation, the expected results, including increased productivity and enhanced workflow, had not materialized.  “We anticipated a better workflow in the office, especially regarding the use and efficiency of our EMR,” said Dr. Venuturupalli. “The reality was that we were spending too much time figuring out the user interface and overcoming specific issues with the EMR that it took away from time we spent with patients,” he added.

Dr. Venuturupalli is Clinical Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center as well as Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA.  He is also Editor-in-Chief of Current Rheumatology Reports.  His role as research investigator includes over a hundred clinical trials. He conducted research on complementary and alternative medicine, publishing studies on Ayurvedic medicine, dietary supplements, and mind-body medicine. Dr.Venuturupalli participates in ongoing rheumatology research at the Cedars Sinai Division of Rheumatology and has authored numerous text-book chapters.  Obviously, Dr. Venuturupalli has more important matters requiring his attention than his EMR.

Dr. Venuturupalli was using a top EMR.  So what went wrong? While most EMRs promise significant improvement in productivity, profitability and patient care by automating routine processes, after a year or more, many physicians find that they are spending more time than ever at the office and productivity gains haven't materialized.  Given unlimited amounts of time, physicians could certainly read the EMR documentation, customize the system and incorporate their workflows to achieve all of the benefits. However, most physicians would rather be seeing patients.

That’s why Logan Solutions combines clinical experience with an understanding of technology to offer optimization and training services designed to help practices get the most from their EMR. Logan Solutions’ clinicians started working with Dr. Venuturupalli by developing a thorough understanding of the practice environment including hardware, network reliability, current workflow, and the individual comfort level with technology. Then, together with Dr. Venuturupalli and his staff, Logan Solutions developed a plan that included software customization, workflow redesign, process improvement, installation of voice recognition software and retraining.

Logan Solutions is the only company with clinicians customizing the EMR, which facilitates a quick and successful resolution of many of the issues impacting a practice’s productivity. “We chose Logan Solutions because of their knowledge of Meaningful Use requirements and their expertise with our EMR,” said Dr. Venuturupalli.  After one week of on-site training, Dr. Venuturupalli and his staff understood how to use the system better. Specifically, they were able to clean up their pharmacy databases, enhance Meaningful Use, configure letters to referring physicians, integrate Dragon Medical voice recognition software, review templates, add extended functionality, build patient questionnaires, and add flow sheets and order sets.

The result of teaming up with Logan Solutions was improved EMR efficiency and customization resulting from a thorough understanding of the EMR. “We are now using our EMR more fully, which allows us to leverage its multiple functions to our advantage,” said Dr. Venuturupalli. “Any medical practice encountering a specific list of problems with its EMR should not give up on it, but instead allow Logan Solutions to help with solutions that resolve and/or work around any given issue,” he said.