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Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition

Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition has largely been replaced by Dragon Medical One. Larger organizations who implement Dragon Medical One can now get the benefits of cloud-based voice recognition PLUS centralized management of users via the Nuance Management Console.

Nuance Management Console

Nuance Management Console provides centralized management of Dragon Medical users across an entire provider organization. Nuance Management Console reduces—substantially—the total cost of ownership and ongoing management of Dragon Medical. Features Include:

Centralized User Profile Management. From a single management console, you can segment users into subgroups (for example, department or line of service) and assign applicable options. You can schedule batch updates of new releases and track Dragon Medical client licenses.

User Security. Optional user login and passwords support HIPAA standards and prevent accidental login under the incorrect profile. If the dictating PC remains idle too long, Dragon Medical Enterprise Network Edition automatically logs clinicians off.

NuanceLink. A continuously active link between Nuance Update Server, which provides content updates, and your Nuance Management Console server. This link provides updates to vocabularies, including new macro lists, medication lists, diagnosis lists and disease lists. All are updated via a live feed and sent directly to the Nuance Management Console, where—with a single click—administrators can then push all updates to users.

Automated License Tracking. Dragon Medical IT administrators can view, at any time, an overview of existing licenses use and the remaining license count for new users.

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Logan Solutions is a Nuance Authorized Sales Agent. Call 888.318.8584 for more information.

Logan Solutions is a Nuance Authorized Sales Agent. Call 888.318.8584 for more information.