What's New in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

What's New in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

What's New in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2?

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 was released in June, with a slate of updates to help make it an easier-to-use and more-effective tool for physicians looking to save time while increasing the accuracy of their clinical documentation.

For those of you who tried Dragon Medical years ago and were unhappy with its performance, you may be surprised to hear that it's come a long way -- even before this latest update -- and there is plenty of advice for using the dictation software with ease. For those of you who already use Dragon Medical and are still on the fence about upgrading, these improvements and new features might just change your mind and convince you the purchase is worth it.

  • A 22 percent improvement in recognition accuracy. If you’re currently using  Dragon Medical Practice Edition, you’ll notice an incremental improvement to its already excellent recognition accuracy. But if you’re still using Version 10, now is the time to upgrade and experience the dramatic difference that Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 provides.

  • More than 90 medical specialties available. This is a 50 percent increase in the vocabularies supported by Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

  • Use your smart phone as a microphone. As long as your smart phone and computer are on the same wireless network, you can use your smart phone as a real-time microphone.

  • An improved speech engine.

  • Support for Windows 8, Microsoft Office 2013 and Internet Explorer 10.

  • A more natural "Read That" command.

  • Improved Autotranscribe Folder Agent. Just record your dictations on a digital recorder and transfer the recordings to a network file folder. The autotranscribe agent now converts the recording to text, creates the document in .doc or .rtf format and sends an email to the admin upon completion.

  • Alternate pronunciations (alpha, bravo, etc) in "Spell Mode." Get better recognition of individual letters using the phonetic alphabet.

  • Improved hidden dictation box functionality. Now, the hidden dictation box doesn't really have to be hidden. Set the visibility to 20% to view the contents of the dictation box while you dictate.

  • Microphone unplug-replug intelligence. Now, unplugging the PowerMic II doesn't "break" it, forcing you to restart Dragon Medical. Just unplug the mic, move to the next location, plug in the mic and resume use of Dragon Medical.

  • Backup and restore profiles from the "Profile" menu.  It's easier than ever to manage your profile from the "Profile Menu" on the "Dragon Bar."

With Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, you’ll have the most powerful software at your fingertips to help you capture vital information in your EMR. Keeping your software current can help improve the efficiency and ease of record-keeping for your medical assistants.

If you’re still using Version 10, now is the time to upgrade, as customers may upgrade  two editions at a time. If you are working with a version older than 10 or wait for the next upgrade, you will have to repurchase your license. Those using Dragon Medical Practice Edition should also consider upgrading now in order to take advantage of the $100 discount that's available through the end of September.

Never used Dragon Medical Practice Edition? Or, tried it many years ago and gave up? Visit our Dragon Medical Store or contact us to learn how Logan Solutions can make you a power user of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

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