5 Tips for Using Dragon Medical Dictation Software Stress-Free

5 Tips for Using Dragon Medical Dictation Software Stress-Fre  e  

5 Tips for Using Dragon Medical Dictation Software Stress-Free 

Using Dragon Medical dictation software can make a big difference in your clinical documentation accuracy and efficiency --  no matter how large or small your practice is. If you’re a current Dragon Medical user, you probably understand what a powerful piece of software it can be. If you used Dragon Medical years ago and were frustrated by it's performance, it's time to give the software another chance because it's come a long way since those early days.

Wherever you are in your Dragon Medical user experience, to get the most out of the dictation software you’ll need to know -- and take advantage of -- some best practices. These tips for Dragon Medical users will help ensure that you and the others in your practice are using the software to your best advantage.

Get Training

Anyone who has used Dragon Medical dictation software in recent years knows that it’s easy to get started out of the box. But did you know that only about a third of those who buy the software without professional services are still using it a year later? That represents a huge waste of potential, time and money.

Users are much more likely to be successful if they get good training. This allows you to be sure you have the know-how to get the most out of it and are familiar with the tips and tricks that make it such an effective time saver. Recognition accuracy is also greatly improved with training. Training typically takes about two hours and helps ensure success.

Get Follow-Up Training

If you stop learning after the initial training, it's easy to let bad habits creep in. When Dragon Medical service providers check in a month or two after they get a medical practice started using the dictation software, they can make sure that users are getting the most out of the technology. They can make corrections if needed and help optimize the experience for users.

Use the Voice Commands

There are a lot of little things you can do that go a long way toward making Dragon Medical even more efficient and effective. One of these is creating voice commands to help you navigate through the EMR.

You can create boilerplate language to use in situations that come up again and again. This will allow you fill in blanks quickly and thereby save time.

Get Others to Use It for You

We’ll talk more in a later post about having medical assistants using Dragon Medical  to eliminate a lot of busywork for physicians, but in the meantime don’t hesitate to have your MAs fill in some of the information as it works in your clinical setting. Dragon Medical makes it easy for MAs to capture patient information and let doctors focus on symptoms, diagnosis and connecting with the patient.

Expand Your Narrative

Now, this tip sounds more like something out of a writing class, but it’s important in a clinical setting as well. Doctors who've had bad experiences with substandard transcription software or awkward interfaces may cut back their documentation in an effort to save time. That's not surprising because no one likes to click multiple boxes in a futile effort to capture the essence of a visit with a patient.

With Dragon Medical, it’s possible to tell the patient’s story in a way that helps you remember it, capture all the information necessary and help improve your own practice as a caregiver.

If you're already using Dragon Medical, what’s your favorite tip for using the dictation software effectively?

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