Create Favorite Medication

Ever notice that the antibiotics in the medication database default to three month or similarly excessive courses? Use the Favorites feature of eClinicalWorks to create your own list of favorite medications with appropriate dosages and courses. Here's how.

1. From the progress note click Treatment, then open the prescribing dialog box.

2. Search for the medication you want to make one of your favorites.

3. Find the one that most closely matches the desired formulation, dose, etc.

4. Click the yellow star with the green plus sign to the left of the medication name.

Click to enlarge.


5. Complete the "Add to Favorites" dialog box with all your preferences, including refills. Be sure the NDC code is correct--this is one of the patient safety features of electronic prescribing, and makes the medication electronically prescribable.

Now, to prescribe favorite medications, select the My Favorites radio button on the right, then begin typing the name of the medicine you want to prescribe. (NOTE: Favorite medications do not appear until you begin typing the medication name.)