How Does Dragon Medical Work?

Dragon Medical users learn quickly that dictating to a computer is not like dictating to a transcriptionist. It's important to understand that, so you can get the best recognition accuracy.

So, how does Dragon Medical work? Let's start by understanding what Dragon Medical doesn't do. It doesn't understand a single word you are saying. Instead, it works at a more basic level. Dragon Medical listens for the 44 distinct sounds in the English language. Amazing, isn't it? There are a million words, or so, in the English language. But, there are only 44 sounds. 

Once Dragon Medical hears the sounds it applies a cousin of Bayes Theorem to piece together the most likely word combination. And, it's pretty darned good at it.

If that makes sense, then it probably also makes sense that big words are quite easy for Dragon Medical to get. Nothing else sounds like pheochromocytoma, for instance. So, Dragon Medical gets that 100% of the time.

But, what about short words? That's more of a challenge. So, built into the algorithm is an understanding of which words are used together most frequently. In the example, "the patient went to the emergency department," Dragon Medical knows that "to" is the correct word, not "two" or "too."