Roaming User Profiles

Sharing Your Voice Profile on Multiple Computers

A common question is "how do I keep the voice profile up to date on each computer that I use?" The simple answer is Roaming Profiles. We're not referring to Windows roaming, which has a host of downfalls. Rather, Dragon Roaming profiles are simply voice profiles that reside in a shared folder somewhere on the network, preferably on the server that is regularly backed up. When you use Dragon Medical on one machine, a smaller version of the voice profile is installed on the local machine (local cache). Any changes that are made to that machine are then synced up to the main user profile, so that an updated voice profile is available on each machine on the network.

Dragon Medical is licensed per user. The software can be installed on multiple computers, up to 4 with Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

To setup roaming profiles, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install Dragon Medical on the computers that you will use.
  2. On the server, setup a shared folder with full read and write permissions. (Nearly all problems associated with roaming are due to inadequate permissions.)
  3. Open Dragon Medical on each computer. If a user profile is open, close it. From the Tools menu on the Dragon Bar, select Administrative Settings. Click Enable on the Roaming tab, then type in the path to the roaming profile directory on the server.
  4. On the computer that has your voice file, click Dragon Bar | Dragon (or Profile, in Dragon Medical Practice Edition) | Manage Users | Advanced | Save to Roaming. The voice profile is then uploaded to the roaming directory and is accessible from all the computers with Dragon Medical installed.