Add New Microphone Source

If you've purchased a new microphone--perhaps upgrading to a PowerMic II to from the headset mic that comes with Dragon Medical--you need a way to use it with your current user profile. Many users start over with a new voice profile because they are unaware just how simple it it to add a new microphone to your profile. Here's how.

  1. Plug in the new microphone and let Windows recognize it. If a message appears telling you "the new device has been installed, but might not work correctly until you restart your computer," then restart your computer.
  2. Open Dragon Medical.
  3. From the Dragon Bar, click Profile (or Dragon on earlier versions), then Open User.
  4. From the Open User dialog box, click Source, then New.
  5. Select your microphone from the list. Once you've completed the steps in the dialog box the new microphone source appears as a choice when you open Dragon Medical.