Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

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By using Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2, clinicians— including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers—can efficiently navigate and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans directly into a patient’s electronic record. It is designed and priced especially for smaller practices, to help clinicians accelerate adoption of their chosen EHR.

Using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 ensures clinicians document care more completely and ‘in their own words’. Clinicians using an EHR powered by DMPE 2 have experience substantially greater satisfaction than clinicians who use the EHR without Dragon Medical.

Available only for independent practices of 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is 99% accurate ‘out of the box’ and includes a complete range of medical vocabularies. 


  • Training. Get an initial web-based training session from one of our certified trainers, followed by optimization training 2-3 weeks later. When purchased with the software it's only $299; you save $100.
  • Maintenance and Support. One year of software maintenance and support direct from Nuance. If a new version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition is released during the coverage period you get it at no additional cost.
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Key Benefits


  • Dictate faster and more accurately than ever before
  • Dictate anywhere in your EHR and accelerate adoption
  • Dramatically reduce transcription costs
  • Save clinicians 30 minutes or more a day
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Dictate in clinician’s own words
  • Support higher level of reimbursement



  • More Accurate Than Ever. Over 20% more accurate than previous versions—and over 60% more accurate than non-medical Dragon
  • Recognition Speed. Dragon Medical Practice Edition improves recognition response time significantly.
  • EHR Support. Navigate and dictate inside EHR software: History of Present Illness, Review of Symptoms, and Assessment and Plan
  • Medical Vocabularies. Includes vocabularies for over 90 medical specialty and subspecialties
  • Regional Accent Support. Accented speakers get higher ‘out-of-the- box’ recognition with advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models
  • Hidden Mode. Dictate anywhere in the EHR, eliminating navigation between EHR screens and the notes window
  • Dragon Medical Template Library. Includes library of macros for standard notes and ‘medical normals’ by body system
  • Smart Configuration. Automatically detects hardware resources. Its state-of-the-art technology takes advantage of advances in hardware and runs in multiple threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected, for better recognition performance
  • Recognition Analytics. Automatically detects poor audio input and alerts the user, offering advice to remedy the situation and improve accuracy
  • Flexible Input. Use your iPhone® or Android® devices for speech input! 

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