Speech Enable evetpractice

As a veterinarian, you know days can be long and clinical documentation is never-ending.  By speech enabling eVetPractice with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, veterinarians will document care more efficiently.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Helps veterinarians and other care providers sufficiently navigate and dictate medical decision making and treatment plans directly into a patient's electronic health record. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is designed to:

  • Improve the patient documentation process

  • Improve work flow optimization

  • Eliminate transcription costs

  • Increase clinician satisfaction

  • Enhance efficiency

  • Increase practice profitability

Most importantly, it allows you to do what you do best as a vet and that's treat your special patients with extra special care.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 transcribes speech 3 times faster than typing with 99% accuracy, no matter how complex the medical terminology.  You will benefit from workflow optimization, time savings with documentation and increased overall practice revenue.

Interested in learning more?  If so, call today to schedule a product demonstration to see how Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can benefit your veterinary practice.

Mac Users

Mac users can have the benefits of voice recognition with eVetPractice, too. Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac 4 is now available. Get the same great voice recognition benefits with the newest release for the Mac.