Dragon Medical One Coming Soon!

Dragon Medical One (formerly Dragon Medical Direct) has been available to hospitals and hospital-owned practices for two years and the results have been phenomenal. If you think the recognition accuracy is good with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, then you'll be blown away by Dragon Medical One. 

Stay tuned for the release of Dragon Medical One for small and mid-sized practices. Be sure to click the "Click to be notified" button below to receive information on Dragon Medical One as soon as it's available.

How Can Logan Solutions Help?

Logan Solutions is the healthcare technology company with a clinician's perspective. Our clinical documentation experts know what it's like to see patients and document the encounter completely and accurately because they've done it, too. Nobody understands your business like another clinician. 

Clinical Documentation

No matter the size or complexity of your practice, Logan Solutions has a clinical documentation solution to meet your needs. Solo clinicians and small practices get the most bang for the buck with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Larger groups, hospitals and hospital-owned practices have enterprise class voice recognition with Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition.

The latest voice recognition solution is Dragon Medical 360 | Direct, a cloud-based voice recognition solution for an affordable monthly fee and no upfront capital expense. Dragon Medical Direct gives you the ability to dictate from wherever you are--office, hospital or home. Just install the small 35 MB file (not the 3,900 MB file) to connect to your voice profile in the cloud. Your dictated speech is processed on the server (hosted by Nuance, the makers of Dragon Medical) and the text is automatically inserted into your note.

As good as Dragon Medical is, it's not right for every clinician or every situation. Sometimes it's just better to dictate and have a transcriptionist type and format it for you. That's where Clinic 360 comes in. It's a pay-as-you-go transcription service that enters text directly into your EMR.


Logan Solutions knows how important HIPAA compliance is for your practice or organization. We offer policy and procedure templates to help you become compliant with the HIPAA mandated annual risk assessment. Once you've customized the policies and procedures, then you're ready to get our help doing a thorough risk assessment.

No matter the size of your practice, hospital or organization Logan Solutions has the right compliance product for you. Our HIPAA My Way product is intended for practices and other small organizations. Larger organizations like hospitals and health plans appreciate the internal audit and enterprise compliance features that can be used continuously. We also have a Fraud, waste and abuse tool designed for Medicare parts C and D plans and any organization that needs to comply with FWA regulations.

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